Friday, April 5, 2013

Ta-Tu, Ta-Ta!

Its almost a tradition that children get presents for Easter which they can use outdoors and help them move around, be it a bike, inline skates or a scooter. As we are rather "mainstream" and our children are in that age the Easter bunny has brought some mobility tools for both Julia and Jakob. The big boy got a micro scooter so he can be faster on his way to kindergarten while Julia got a new Puky trycicle (including a slide rod) as well as a red Big Bobby Car. The latter means, that she does not need to borrow Jakob's black Mercedes anymore.

"Come on! We have to save the cat from the tree over there now!"

Yesterday afternoon there was then a lot of action in our living room as we had two fire-men present who had all sorts of jobs to do. Both of them have been very busy driving around on their fire engines and had a lot of fund doing so. While they in the past were fighting for the vehicles thi was the first time they cooperated and played together. These are the moments when we know for sure that the presents we got were the right ones. Whether we think the same way, when they start racing each other and crashing into all our furniture, walls etc we cant say at the moment. Future will tell.

Julia, Jakob, Kerstin & Markus

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