Monday, March 12, 2012

We are still here...

It has been a very long time since the last update though quite a lot has happened ever since. Jakob was skiing together with Markus twice being both pulled up the slope with the stick as well as going up the lift several times, Julia is prospering perfectly and at the same time sleeping literally like a baby at night. It’s almost regular now that she is falling asleep around 2030/2100 and sleeping until 0300 or even 0400 without a break. This is in sharp contrast to how Jakob was doing at that age and makes our life much less tough than we thought.

The two siblings in general love each other two pieces. While Jakob shows is love for his sister by kissing her as often as possible (sometimes a bit too energetic than it should be) Julia is showing her love differently - rather by smiling and taking almost everything Jakob does with grace and dignity - be it in bed in the morning, be it in the bathtub or be it on the sofa when held by big brother. 

Aren't we cute?

Speaking of big brother – Jakob has grown up even more in the past 2 weeks. Having been very resistant to any talk about getting rid of the diaper and using then potty of toilet since Christmas all out of a sudden Jakob asked for underpants instead of diapers during the day 2 weeks ago. For the first few days that meant a lot of wet pants and extra-hours for our washing machine and us being almost paranoid asking our older one every 10 minutes whether he had to go to the toilet. Eventually it got better. When he demanded 1,5 weeks ago to go to bed without a diaper we were relaxed and agreed to his demand, yet we were pretty sure we'd need to get up at night changing the bed linen. Well - always expect the unexpected. We woke up the next day in the morning with Jakob in between us but wearing the same dry pyjamas he was wearing the evening before. As since that night he only had one overnight "accident", is by now getting up from sleep to go to the toilet and also calling during the day when he has to take a pee or poop we are happy to announce: Jakob got clean. That one definitely went faster and smoother than we thought and quite obviously, we are very proud of our big boy!

Julia, Jakob, Kerstin & Markus