Thursday, February 24, 2011

Closer to home

Following more than 4 months of quite constant separation from the family as Markus' work base was in Prague since he joined Wood & Co our life is getting back to more normality and more evenings together during the week. The reason for that is that Markus is going to work from now in in Bratislava, 80km from home and reachable within less than one hour door-to-door. The daily commute in for workers in London or even Vienna if one is unlucky can sometimes take even longer and be more stressful than Markus' journey on the A4 and A6 in his new car.

Our junior is pretty happy about the development and has been very joyful the past days when daddy opened the door around 1830 returning from work. Finally Markus is back playing with Jakob every evening (well maybe not every day as normal travel activity will sustain) and can also try to bring the little one to bed in the evenings. Most recently this task proved to be quite difficult for anyone apart from Kerstin, but we are confident that this phase will go by soon again.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back after a 1 month break

Even though one might believe our live got boring as has been quite a while since the last blog entry it has been just the opposite. We all have been quite busy : Markus at work, spending most of January in London, Prague or at the slopes of Kitzbuehel and Lech with clients, Kerstin and Jakob in Vorarlberg and Vienna enjoying themselves, having fun with Anna painting and growing. Our sunshine has had his first haircut mid/January when Kerstin dared to leave the two boys home alone. Markus decided to trim the few hair Jakob had in order to make him look a bit more neat. Jakob was rather peaceful during the process so that one could call the haircut nice (apart from the “hole” at the back of the head which is luckily only visible when the hair is wet. It was however not only the hair that was growing recently – only our junior grew significantly reaching 85cm and 12,5 kg this week. The height now allows him to open the doors at home which means that we will have to lock up doors if we do not want him to get into a room.

A short stop for lunch is crucial

Yesterday Kerstin and Jakob experienced something completely new as the two were driving to Vorarlberg for the first time alone. Given the length of the trip Kerstin was quite nervous beforehand fearing that Jakob might be demanding more attention than she could give him provided she had to focus on the traffic. They left Vienna at 1000 on a bright and sunny day and the little one was all happy and ready for the trip. After a pitstop in Linz where the two had lunch Jakob did fall asleep and allowed Kerstin to move on swiftly. Jakob was in absolutely good mood and a very good boy and thus they reached the destination shortly after 1700. 7 hours for the 630 km trip the first time is a very good pace achievement and might be the start of more journeys like that in the future.

Jakob, Kerstin & Markus