Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What a shocker!!!!

When Kerstin's mom, sister and niece Ylvie arrived in Vienna Wednesday night we all were looking forward to some great time together during whih especially the kids could have a lot o fun. Both during the holiday on Thursday as well as Friday, when we kept Jakob at home from kindergarden that was th case and we spent a lot of time outside. With the weekend approaching however the troubles started as Friday night Ylvie got sick several times during the night and was far away from being a happy bunny all day Saturday. Saturday evening, right after Chelsea destroyed Bayern Munich's dreams to win the Champions League, Sandra went down the same route a her daughter and we all knew, that we would have a problem.

It was only a question of time when als the rest of us would be caught by the virus which kept Sandra all might busy and forced her into bed almost all day Sunday. By the time Heidi left with her taxi (Renate and Werner picked her up) in the later afternoon Sandra was back on her deet again and mo other casualties had to be mourne for. But come nighttime the horror continued when Kerstin got sick as well, followed by Jakob waking up, being very uneasy about his mum not feeling well a starting to cry which lead to also Julia waking up screaming and Sandra and Ylvie also being wide awake again. It sid nit tke very long that also Jakob had to vomit and the chaos was absolutely perfect and so we called in Kerstin's cousin Anja to help us handling the kids and being there in case we had to go to hospital with our youngest one. Several time being sick and few hours of sleep later on monday morning Markus decided to stay home and take care of the sickos who by then felt already much better. The recovery during the day was really good - especially with Jakob - and in reality we were all waiting for when also Markus and Julia would catch the virus.

It seems as if the two would have been either simply resistant to the virus o lucky as Julia was all fine Tuesday morning when Markus left the house very early to flee and fly to Frankfurt and then on to London in the afternoon. What he came across there suprised him a lot. Not saw he hot (28 degrees) and sunny weather unlike the past months when it was cold and rainy, but he also saw the frontpage of the Evening Standard:

Two shocking news on one front page. Brangelina don't have time to get officially married? How can that be explained? Lots of explanation one can get for the big headline and so the shocking part is rather that falling house prices in London only now make it to the headlines. The UK is officially in recession and London is probably the biggest real estate bubble in the country. In any case its very doubtful that the two frontpage topic are relate in any way.

Julia, Jakob, Kerstin & Markus

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In the summertime...

The past 6 days have been absolutely amazing and incredible as since Friday we basically got summer. The temperatures climbed towards and above30 degrees during the day, there were hardly any clouds on the sky and also during the night temperatures did not drop below 16 degrees. The only things that are missing in Vienna are the sea and a sandy beach. Markus was lucky as he has decided a while ago to take Monday off work so we can have a long weekend and thus the four of us could enjoy the early summer. While outdoor pools were still closed - they opened only yesterday and thus missed a break start into the season - we spent Saturday morning at Biohof Adamah north of Vienna and visited family Strutz in the afternoon. Jakob and Anna had fun in the backyard, Julia and Emil had fun inside and all of us had a great barbecue season opener for dinner. On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we spent most of the time on our terrace and our big garden, the Prater in shorts, skirts, flip-flops and tank-tops. What can be more relaxing?

Is it obvious, we enjoy that weather?

Our youngest one has enjoyed the heat in her very own way: Each day Julia was freed of her diaper for a long while and she used her temporary freedom to practice her turning skills - she is almost there to spin herself from the back to her belly - and to move around on the floor. Besides moving around and making her funny sounds she every so often also pees on the blanket we place her on. Julia also is by now very eager to listen to the people around her which was most obvious when grandma Eva and grandpa Kurt visited us yesterday and she almost lip-read what everyone was talking. Somehow she has grown up a lot in the past week. After all she turned 4 months on Saturday.

Julia, Jakob, Kerstin & Markus