Monday, June 28, 2010

More than just Saturday Night Fever

Just on time for the official start of summer, the warm weather returned to Vienna and we are enjoying warm, but not yet superhot temperatures. Jakob is practicing and improving every day his walking skills whereas he prefers to carry watering cans, boxes or any of his toys with him. The larger the items are, the better and sometimes he looks like an ant, carrying something which is larger (yet lighter) than himself.

For both Kerstin and Markus Saturday evening was highly anticipated date as Kerstin has planned a girls’ night out for months and Markus was invited to a special 40th birthday party of one of his former colleagues who is now working in Moscow. As Jakob has developed over the past weeks to a more “user friendly” boy and now could be calmed down during the night also by someone else than Kerstin, we did dare to stick to the plans and follow the invitations as Viki & Stefan volunteered to do the babysitting.

Come Saturday afternoon and the build-up to the evening out we realised that Jakob was quite hot which we initially believed was caused by the hot weather, but when checking his temperature we were quite shocked as the clinical thermometer showed 39,8 degrees. As Jakob was eating & drinking well and also was still quite active and smiling (though he was falling over often) we treated him with antipyretic medicine and calf packing. As a consequence of Jakob’s Saturday Night Fever Kerstin was very disappointed that she missed the girls’ night (while Markus did join the birthday party until shortly after midnight), but it was quite clear that our junior did need his mom. Jakob’s situation did not really improve throughout Sunday – he even reached 40,3 degrees Sunday afternoon – and so Monday morning he will see the doctor and we hopefully find out what the problem is and even more important what to do against it. Fingers crossed.

Jakob, Kerstin & Markus

Monday, June 14, 2010

The weekend of Father's Day

Last week summer weather had a tight grip on Vienna with temperatures rising steadily and reaching 32 degrees on Saturday, during the night the temperatures did not come off a lot either and in front of the outdoor pools like the Stadionbad long queues built up. Luckily we have bought season tickets and thus could jump the queues, walk through the entrance and select a shady place under the trees. While Jakob did enjoy the time on the lawn bare naked playing and eating melons, carrots and bread he had issues when we went to the pool with him. It almost seems as if he does not like water anymore and so we only could trick him into the refreshing wet element. Saturday evening our plans to have barbeque were virtually blown away as a heavy storm with gusty wind and rain approached Vienna which cooled off the air quite significantly.

Dad & son in the zoo

Sunday morning, after a new experience for all of us as Jakob slept through the night in his own room, the sky was overcast and temperatures were somewhat lower than then days before and thus we decided to spend Jakob’s 11-month birthday and Markus’ first father’s day in the Zoo in Schoenbrunn rather than in the Stadionbad or a lake. When Markus returned from his morning run Jakob featured a new t-shirt and presented a small present to dad. We got on our way after lunch and Jakob was fighting hard to not fall asleep all the way in his pram but only close before entering the Zoo where we met Rosemarie and Sandra. So yet again our sunshine missed most of the animals and woke up after 1,5 hours just in time for the feeding of the seals. After an afternoon snack, a visit to the monkey house and some playing in the grass we transferred home again, where Jakob was all active again, walking a lot and helping Markus watering the flowers on the balcony.

Jakob trains his skills as gardener

Jakob, Kerstin & Markus

Sunday, June 13, 2010

11 months and mobile

The past month has gone by very fast and Jakob has made huge steps forward in his development. Due to rather cold and rainy weather he had lots of possibilities to practice his standing skills during May. The past few weeks were dominated by more or less successful attempts to walk. While our junior was rather stagerinbg at the beginning he has by now im proived to that extent that he is getting up on his own (without anything to hold on to) and walking for a fe meters sometimes with something in his hand, sometimes without.

Yummy! I love fresh fruit!

With regards to talking our sunshine has also made some moves, whereas he is only rarely blabbering and most of the times making animal sounds (tiger-like). Both Kerstin and Markus do understand Jakob by now (sometimes) but for anyone else it might me a mystery. Jakob has now also learned how te get on and off a sofa or bed without bumping his head (feet first!!) and is eating a lot of food which we could also eat (i. e. not pureed) like potatoes, carrots, turkey ham, melon, apple or strawberries.

Jakob, Kerstin & Markus

Monday, June 7, 2010

Finally summer has arrived!

So far late spring has presented itself rather unfriendly with cold temperatures and rain (luckily not as torrential as in Poland or Hungary where the country is still partially flooded) and doubts about a warm and nice early summer already appeared. At the end of last week though summer finally broke and temperatures rose sharply towards the mid-twenties and the sun managed to sooth our skins. Having built up a large sun-deficit over the past weeks we tried to soak up as much of it as possible and spent the majority of our weekend on the roof terrace. On Saturday we started the day with breakfast together with our guests, Kerstin’s former schoolmate Monika and her boyfriend Stefan who visited Vienna for the long weekend. As it was not only sunny but also the wind was very calm Jakob could basically spent most of the afternoon without a diaper on our terrace lawn. He quite obviously enjoyed his freedom, practiced his walking skills and explored everything. Late afternoon Evi and Christoph stopped by and we decided to heat the barbecue and have dinner together alongside one or the other Aperol Sprizz.

Playing on the terrace was fun. Especially without any diaper!

For Sunday we have had planned for a while already that Anna, Lini and Peter would come and visit us and given the summer weather we quite obviously spent the day again to a large extent on the terrace. Sunshine, temperatures of close to 30 degrees and a breeze made a perfect setting for chilling, our juniors did play with each other and we had drinks and late afternoon again a delicious barbecue and for desert we had yummy cheesecake which Peter has prepared. In the evening we paid tribute to the two days in the sun and fell into bed quite early. While Markus had to return to work on Monday Jakob and Kerstin could for the first time use our season ticket in the Stadionbad. Even though Jakob loves the baby-swimming, he was a bit sceptical about going into the baby-pool but the two had lots of fun in the shade of the trees. We are optimistic to spend some more time going forward in the Stadionbad as the weather forecast says: Summer will stay with us for a while now.

Jakob, Kerstin & Markus

Friday, June 4, 2010

Jakob is walking!

Over the past few weeks Jakob has trained his skills in getting up, standing and walking holding on to someone or –thing intensively and we were pretty sure that the “running days” would not be too far down the road anymore. Most recently he also did make a few small steps side- and forward whereas he never did these steps with full awareness. It always “happened” while being busy with something else. Today though our little sunshine for the first time made a few steps to get from one point to another and really enjoyed his new development with a big smile and joy!

Jakob, Kerstin & Markus